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NLC Social Media is owned and operated by Kirsten Judd, a seasoned marketing professional and entrepreneur. Kirsten has experience working with clients all over the world with regard to business development, marketing and strategic planning, crisis management, leadership development, and social media.

Kirsten’s marketing career has spanned several industries including finance, travel and tourism, performing arts, personal development, and healthcare. She has owned and operated four companies and has led each one to great success.

“What I enjoy most is helping others. In whatever role I have undertaken I thrive on creating positive change. With NLC Social Media I assist corporations and organizations in attaining that positive energy derived from today’s social networks. As a social media strategist I assist business professionals, corporations and event managers in developing social media campaigns that are intertwined with traditional advertising and business development tactics. The strategy of such campaigns is as important as the message, however the keys to a successful campaign are consistency, communication, and creativity.”

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