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The healthcare industry has begun to embrace social media and utilize it as an important function of its marketing and relationship development with patients, families, referral sources, etc.

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US Hospitals Using Social Networking Tools


A comprehensive list has been compiled by Ed Bennett on the number of US Hospitals that are currently using social networking.  As of January 10, 2010 statistics show:

  • 540 Hospitals total
  • 247 YouTube Channels
  • 316 Facebook pages
  • 419 Twitter Accounts
  • 67 Blogs

Many of these hospitals are using social media to advertise their facility; promote their physicians and medical staff; communicate with patients and their family; create an online meeting place for alumni to connect; and educate the public on medical issues and new procedures.

A much smaller number of behavioral health and addiction treatment centers are using social media for much of the same purposes. NLC Social Media is currently investigating the number of behavioral health and addiction treatment facilities that are utilizing social media and will post its findings when complete.

Complete details of the US hospital listings can be found at

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