Red Compression Pants

Red compression pants…yea or nae? There are some who strongly believe that compression pants are good for workouts while others say that they are nothing more than a fashion accessory. One thing is for sure though; those who wear them report that their workouts proceed more smoothly. Read on about the benefits of compression pants and make up your own mind:

•    The biggest benefit of these pants is that they aid in muscle recovery. Each time you work out your muscles develop small tears and then heal – that is how they grow bigger. The faster your muscles heal, the faster you are able to go back to the gym and put in more workouts. People who wear compression pants say that they are able to heal faster, work out more and therefore bulk up faster.

•    Red compression pants are made out of breathable fabric. To some that may seem like an oxymoron – how can tight pants be breathable? These pants are made out of fabric that doesn’t get hot as you work out and that absorbs sweat so that you can work out for longer.

•    If you have ever gone to the gym in baggy clothing you know just how restrictive it can be; it will get in the way when you try to work out or lift weights. Not compression pants – they are made for maximum mobility and you are able to move freely so that you can make the most of your workout.

•    Each time you lift a weight your muscles come under strain and red compression pants provide them support which takes some of the weight off. You will find that you are able to lift heavier and heavier weights faster if you wear compression pants each time you work out.

Now that you know the benefits of compression pants why don’t you buy yourself a pair and see whether they really work?

The Solid Facebook Ads scaling method.

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To have great eCommerce sales is difficult especially if you are trying to scale your business from 5 figures to 6 figures and beyond 7 figures.

It will not be sufficient just by relying on your typical Facebook ads strategy because like most e-commerce, they can be very profitable by just relying retargeting to warm on and hot audience and the real key to scaling e-commerce is through understanding the dynamics of cold audience and strategy to scale them using a proven framework.

The guideline below is how people convert.

Cold Audience

Warm audience

Hot audience.

As we covered this topic before here, once you mastered the game of facebook ads funnel, it will be easier for you to scale your traffic and increase your Return of ad spend.

To scale beyond 6 figures eCommerce business, it’s not just about Facebook Ads anymore.

Below here are the key optimization to grow beyond 7 figures,




Optimising for average order value (AOV) is not easy as most marketers don’t really know how to implement a good AOV strategy, For instant if your e-commerce is doing $ 65, the idea of scaling e-commerce is by optimizing low hanging fruits which 20% of the work will yield 80% of the results or impact.

Learn about here about eCommerce strategies.

This is where when you optimize AOV, you are not increasing facebook ad spend to increase the sales but a 50% improvement over AOV is almost equivalent to a 50% increase in your e-commerce sales.

Usually, AOV optimization is involved around upsell, downsell and cross-sell strategy.

To improve your lifetime value( LTV), you literally scale your business without spending any dime on paid ads or traffic acquisition. This is the lowest hanging fruit that you can get that yield the best outcome.

For example, your LTV for each user is at $300 but the moment you are able to improve your LTV by 30%, that’s about $390 for each user. It will be the greatest strategy you can deploy and get instant results.

3 Reasons We Love About White Label Marketing Services

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The truth about digital marketing is that many people may not realise that some of their marketing campaigns are actually outsourced to white label agencies specialising in white label marketing services. That’s because the partnership between a digital agency with a white label agency is typically discreet. Can you even recall any agencies you’ve worked with in the past that had told you that another agency was also behind the success of your online campaigns?

We love that white labelling enables digital agencies to market a wide range of marketing services such as content writing, SEO and social media marketing under their brands, to their clients. That means agencies can continue making more money while focusing on other ways on how to scale their business, or improve relationships with their clients.

That said, we can say that we are believers of white label marketing services and we truly love them. Here are 3 reasons why we love them so much:

1. We Can Offer Important White Label Marketing Services Such As Content Writing and SEO

One of the services we can offer to our clients is content writing. It’s true what they say, content is king. Most small businesses now rely a lot on content writing. Good contents (along with SEO) can help your website rank better on Google. There’s nothing more pleasurable than having potential clients finding your product and services online.

The problem is, not all businesses can afford to hire a big team of experienced writers and SEO experts to work with them due to lack of funds, office space and so on. Having a team of in-house marketing experts is also not necessary when your company is still growing. We recommend working with white label agencies instead in order to speed things up.

When it comes to finding writers, it’s not always easy to get writers who can give you the standard and quality of articles you want. Also, searching for the right ones and training them can be time-consuming and costly.

But what if you had another a white label agency helping you? Anytime your clients needed fresh contents, you’d be ready for them. As long as you can regularly give them the contents they need, they’ll stay hooked to you.

2. We Can Continuously Improve Our Brand Image

With white label marketing services, there’s no need to hire more new employees. All we need to do is train the ones we already have. Should our clients needed digital marketing services that are beyond our expertise, we’ll still be able to cater to their needs thanks to our white label partners.

By having a white label marketing services agency doing the job for us, we can focus on other important things that matter to us, like improving customer support, closing new deals, or searching for ways to grow our business — and at the same time, keeping our clients happy by giving them fantastic results.

3. The Absence of Any of Our In-House Staff Will Not Affect Our Workflow

Having a white label marketing services agency is handy especially when there are public holidays, or when an employee fell ill. We also don’t have to worry about looking for replacements should our writers, designers or editors resigned from their positions.

And as mentioned earlier, we don’t have to worry about future recruitment and training whenever our workload increased. There will always be a white label marketing services agency right by our side.

If you’re looking for white label marketing services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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eCommerce Optimization Guide to Increase Sales and Conversion

Is your eCommerce business not performing as expected?

eCommerce website owners don’t publish their conversion rates. It’s often kept as a secret to avoid competitors from snooping on their data. Most of the conversion rate numbers we see are usually estimated value due to software limitations.

You, might be wondering, what is a good conversion though?

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Well, it varies.

Conversion rates differ from industry to industry, there’s no set numbers or goals because it’s contextual. You can only benchmark your performance with the published statistics. If you have the average conversion rate for your niche, you can proceed to increase your conversion rates until you get better outcomes.

If your current conversion rate is below the average, you have to work harder to boost your number. More work is needed to get to the bottom of this.

Take this, an online shop selling expensive gadgets isn’t going to have a similar conversion rate as the one selling $50 apparel. The same is true with a store with an email list of 150,000 hungry buyers. The latter will see greater conversions than one getting cold traffic off Facebook and Adwords

You also have to take into consideration the variables that affect conversion rates.

  • Type of product
  • Average order value
  • Traffic sources
  • Device (mobile, tablet or PC/android or iOS)
  • Location

Besides, the term “conversion rate” is to signify the percentage of visitors who become customers. Although, you may have a different goal that you are trying to optimize, say a percentage of visitors to add a product to cart, download an ebook or submit their email addresses.

According to Statista, the average global eCommerce conversion as of the third quarter of 2018 is around 2.42%.

What channel yields better results for your business?

If you can identify the channel/s that give you better conversion rates, you can concentrate on attracting more traffic from that channel and then start optimizing your conversion rate.

I have helped clients boost their rookie numbers, here are some of the best tips to improve your conversion rate.

1. Identify conversion and sales goals.

Google Analytics is your best friend if you want to find your own conversion rate. Once you have your data, start your analysis from there. Creating a goal is all about going from point A to point B. To pump up your numbers, set a concrete goal to improve it.

What should be included in your goal planning?

Use the SMART method to get things rolling. For sure, you know SMART goals already.

But do you practice the rule? Goals need to be powerful to motivate and inspire you to take action. Hence, they should be SMART.  There are many varieties of what SMART stands for, but commonly it means:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

Set specific numbers on your goal. If your current conversation rate is at 15% and aiming to double it to 30%, you also have to increase your current traffic.

Measure your goals by using tracking tools like Google Analytics, SEMrush, Shopify and Magento’s built-in reporting tools. Use the right tools to track traffic, conversions, and sales.

Attainable means not shooting for the moon. You have to set goals that are doable at the moment, not in the next five to ten years.

Your goal should be relevant to your big picture. Do you want to increase your conversion rate to support your expansion goals in the next three to six months? Do you want to increase your conversation rate just for the sake of increasing it? It’s your call.

Time-bound is putting dates to your goals. Having goals without deadlines is only wishful thinking. Schedule your tasks and plan using project management software to keep in line with your goals.

2. Improve your on-page and off-page SEO (search engine optimization).

SEO answers this one question: Can your potential customer find your products in search engines?

SEO is all about showing up on Google, Bing, or even Yahoo. The higher your ranking is, the better. Like an ordinary website, eCommerce websites optimized it in the usual way. That means taking care of on-page and off-page optimization such as:

  • Trusted backlinks
  • Right target keyword
  • Appropriate metadata
  • HTTPS certificate (though most eCommerce sites are already secured)
  • ALT attributes on images
  • Submit a sitemap
  • Healthy internal links, no redirects, and no broken links
  • Product descriptions with the target keyword

A lot of SEO tactics don’t apply anymore. If you’re using old tactics, it’s your chance to rethink your approach to SEO.

Getting excellent SEO results simply take time. I’m talking about at least six months or even more than a year to get results.

3. Simplify your checkout process.

If people are abandoning their carts, there must be something wrong with your checkout process. Keep the checkout page simple so there are minimal to zero distractions. The simpler your checkout process, the more they will complete the purchase.

Some tips to optimize your checkout process:

  • Offer free shipping to attract customer to add to cart or order more.
  • Multiple payment options should be available. Use PayPal, Stripe, mobile payment, and other payment gateways to make the purchase faster.
  • Visible payment security seals. Don’t forget to let them know your website is secured and can process their credit card information.
  • Offer guest check out for a quicker transaction.
  • Simplify form fields as much as possible. Remove other form fields you will not need to process their order.
  • Remove page distractions like images and videos.

Keeping your checkout light and breezy makes online shopping more convenient. The key here is to A/B test your current checkout process and see which converts better. The only way to find out what’s wrong with your checkout process is by testing my above suggestions.

4. Increase your product reviews.

Build trust by letting your customers leave reviews and feedback on your product pages. Social influence can result in increased Add to cart > Checkout rate. If potential buyers can validate your products through the words of customers who already purchased the product, they will most like to buy it as well.

5. Make sure you have clear and personalized CTA.

If you like people to buy, you have to tell them to buy. It’s one way of talking to them that you are selling awesome products.

Clear call-to-action uses action words and allows shoppers to know what to do next, like “Order Now,” Add to cart,” or “Buy Now.”

If your call-to-action is on a button, ensure the color stands out so it’s highly noticeable.

6. Never stop reducing your cart abandon rate.

Make sure your cart abandon rates is reduced every month. Say, you have 20,000 add to cart a month, with 70% cart abandon rate you basically have 6,000 sales. If you can recover 1% that means 140 additional sales and your average order value is $100, that is $14,000 more revenue.

You can try the following Shopify app to improve your cart abandon rate:

  • Pushowl
  • Recart
  • SiteKit
  • Countdown cart

7. Put discount and subscription pop-ups.

As part of your cart recovery strategy, you can send follow-up emails with their cart contents and give them a coupon code to get a discount as an incentive to complete their order.

You can also setup subscription pop-ups that provide discount codes in exchange for their email addresses.

8. Send special promotions to your email list.

When convincing people to buy a product, the “more saving” advantage is one of the likely options. Email marketing can produce better conversion rates than social and search.

Consider investing in an eCommerce marketing strategy and email campaign to drive conversions. Compose a compelling subject line with a really good offer, no BS promotions, and you’ll convert your list into buying more from you.

9. Enhance your site structure.

Arrange your product categories in a sensible manner. Use as few levels as possible to allow a user to reach a product as quick as possible.

You can also allow them to shop by lowest to highest prices, by color, sizes, or release date. If they can find your product by structured categories, they will have comfortable shopping experience on your website.

Another power tip is adding a search bar to allow them to find your products easily. The faster they can see your product, the more likely they are to buy from you.

Learn how builds fast and beautiful Shopify stores here.

10. Analyze and rewrite your product descriptions.

Write a product description using storytelling approach combined with detailed information about the product so they know exactly what they are getting. Online shoppers feel and touch the product and they are not in a physical store to ask questions.

You can also add a video demonstration to avoid returns as well.

In conclusion

Improving your conversion rates take a lot of effort and planning. Creating a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience attracts people into buying. Keep in mind that every tactic is only a theory until it’s tested and proved. Test, test, and test, until you know what will boost your revenue and grow your eCommerce business.

How To Hire the Right Makeup Artist for Corporate Event!

Whether you are organising corporate event such as annual dinner or appreciation day, hiring the right makeup artist is as important as the event itself!


By having the right makeup artist, he / she would able to deliver not just the right theme, but tiny details of the makeup will be worry-free.

How To Hire the Right Makeup Artist for Corporate Event!

How to choose the best makeup artist for your event.

  • Understand the foundation of good makeup

Before you engage with a makeup artist, first you need to understand what is a good makeup foundation.

Good makeup foundation is crucial because it will help the makeup to shine and looks natural yet long lasting hours especially if you are in hot and humid country like Malaysia. Foundation such as the technique of makeup, the product and mixture.

  • Where did the makeup artist learn?

Then secondly, you need to learn about the academic background of the makeup artist. Which makeup academy she attend and how many years she practises. Very often good academy produced some really good makeup artist compared to other academy that are commercial driven instead of value driven.

90% of the time, by learning the background and academic of makeup artist you would be able to understand and gauge the skills of the makeup artist.

  • What pricing is the makeup artist charging?

The most common selling point for hiring makeup artist is low fee. However most people didn’t realised that cheap makeup fee is not always mean the best service you can get. Some makeup artist spend more than $20,000 dollars just to attend prestigious academy and more than $30,000 on makeup products.

Most makeup artist that charge low fee probably ends up buying cheap cosmetic products and accessories.

  • What product is the makeup artist using?

When it comes to makeup product, it makes a huge different with the makeup outcome. Some good makeup brand such as Hourglass or Benefit, are far more superior when it comes to the outcome of the makeup.

With the great makeup product, you may expect stunning makeup outcome due to it’s great ingredient.

Try to stay away from cheap makeup product as it will make your skin outrage especially if you have sensitive skins. This usually happen comes from the decision to hire makeup artist that use low quality products.